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Small Business Inflationary Pressures

An inflation driven economy brings with it numerous challenges for small businesses. Importantly, the increasing cost of goods and services apply pressure to businesses relying on standard cost models. Couple these price pressures with a global supply chain that is making it more difficult to deliver goods in a timeframe that is commiserate with the needs of consumer and it is easy to understand why businesses are finding it difficult to succeed.

Responding to inflation and interest rate hike require sharp business skill and acumen. It also requires that business leaders have a firm grasp on key financial indices. Few businesses will navigate a recession hungry economy without skilled financial leadership. Many may narrowly survive the tide, but a small margin will thrive in a softening marketplace. In this current economy, there is no substitute for the value of skilled thought leaders who are financially astute. To further explore the merits of these talented individuals, reach out to Finquest Financial Services at 678.784.4018 or email us at

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