• Jerome Oberlton

Financial Intelligence

Supply Chain disruptions, labor shortages, and inflationary pressures… how does a business navigate it all and still generate a healthy profit? This is where a financial thought leader and visionary can help lead the way. Fractional CFOs are the type of leaders that have the experience and know-how to release the pressure valve and help move a business toward financial success. These leaders provide the vision and strategic framework necessary to guide a business to a safe landing – even in the midst of a pandemic. They are sound minded business leaders that have a penchant for providing financial insights.

Fractional CFOs know when to raise capital and can guide a business on the appropriate time to bring in new talent. They can also examine key banking relationships while determining the effects of cost of goods or cost of sale on the overall profitability of the business. Fractional CFO’s understand market demand and fluctuation and can help a business respond swiftly to the economic conditions that best stimulate growth. Many are deeply steeped in forecasting and analysis and can help preserve a compliance framework that enable businesses to avoid costly mistakes. The most compelling element of a fractional CFO is that they operate at only a fraction of the cost of a typical full time CFO. To further explore the merits of these talented individuals, reach out to Finquest Financial Services at 678.784.4018 or email us at info@finquest1.com.

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