"There is strength in numbers"

Our associates are trained and highly skilled in the area of financial management.  Most have MBA's, degrees in finance and accounting, or financial certifications.  These professionals give insights that help leaders better manage their business.



Our Managing Director is the most seasoned associate on the team and ultimately serves as the account manager.  This individual ensure quality is embedded in the services that are delivered to our clients.  The managing director also serves as a second set of eyes for senior associates who are analyzing financial data associated with an account.  Finally, the managing director is responsible for recruiting, staffing, client relationship management, and ensuring the client receives each of the deliverables laid out in the customer agreement.

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The senior associate focuses much of his/her attention on financial analysis.  This individual takes the report output from the associate and analyzes the data looking for out of tolerance conditions.  He also examines the financial information to ensure it provides an accurate reflection of the state of the business.  Finally, this individual puts together routine training for providers.  The training is built around key findings that come out of the analysis of client data.


Associates are professionals who execute the day-to-day transactions that are part of our client's daily activities.  These individuals handle client bank downloads  into Quickbooks Online for reconciliation purposes.   During this process, they account for collections and all cash management activities.  They also work with clients to build a comprehensive budget that fits the needs of each client.  All account receivable and account payable activity is handled by the associate.  These individuals serve as the first level of support for the business.

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